Air Navigation Department

About ANS

National Aviation University
Educational and Scientific Institute of Air Navigation


The department was created in 1986 as the result of radionavigation and radiolocation departments' unification.
The department premises are located on the second floor in the building ยน 11.
The department realizes the collection of entrants for the field of "Transport and transport infrastructure" in the direction 070102 "Air Navigation". We provide the professional specialists' training of air traffic management with project-research activity in the field of creation, investigation and exploitation of radionavigation and radar systems.

All the graduated students of the department have an international level of training. The object of their activity is aeronavigation system - aviation arganization-administrtive organs, air traffic service system organs, communication, navigation and surveillance systems, ground and on-board systems of avionics, meteorological systems, search and resque systems.

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