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  • Air Traffic Controller(Bachelor);
  • Air Traffic Controller (Master), Research Associate (Transportation) (Master)

Specialists receive knowledge and practical skills in the theory and practice of organization and management of air traffic. They study the construction of modern air navigation systems, the newest concepts of air traffic management, the flexible use of airspace, and the procedures for servicing air traffic. Mastering the principles of building and using flow control systems and controlling the throughput of an ATS system.

Training is conducted in accordance with the requirements of ICAO and Eurocontrol. The training is certified by the State Aviation Service of Ukraine. In the process of training, students undergo basic and rating stages of initial training of ATS specialists. The best students have the opportunity to undergo internships in Eurocontrol units, where there is practical knowledge and skills in various areas of the air traffic services system. The learning process takes place in English, which provides free professional English. MATLAB, C ++, LINUX / UNIX, ECLIPSE - CROSS-platform programming.

With a full list of profiling disciplines in training specialists can be found in the section "Training disciplines" of our site.

During the training, the best students have the opportunity to undergo training for a period of 2 to 6 months in the structure of Eurocontrol (Bruselles, Luxembourg). This gives them the best opportunity to receive proposals for further employment in the subsections of these structures. Evidence of this opinion are the biographies of our graduates, which can be seen on the link "Our pride."

The student can choose three languages of instruction in the specialty: English, Russian, Ukrainian.

The term of study under the "Bachelor" program lasts 3 years, 10 months.

The duration of the Master's program lasts 1 year, 6 months.

For the attention of entrants from other countries who want to study in the field of air traffic services - before submitting a document, please consult in the main aviation Administration of your country regarding the relevance of the diploma of higher education!

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