Air Navigation Department

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The department realizes the collection of entrants for the field of 'Transport and transport infrastructure' in the direction 070102 'Aeronavigation'. We provide the professional spcialists' training of air traffic management with project-research activity in the field of creation, investigation and exploitation of radionavigation and radiolocation systems. The department realizes the collection of entrants of specialities:



– engineers of Air Traffic Management. Training of Air Traffic Controllers is realized with the State enterprise of Air Traffic Service of Ukraine "UkSATSE" using modern studing technologies and responces to the requirements of the international organizations ²ÑÀÎ and EUROCONTROL.



"Radioelectronic systems of aitcrafts".

Specialists training of elaboration, designing, production, service and radioelectronic systems and and aircraft facilities maintenance, specifically of the modern avionics systems (Buran, Boeing, Honeywell, Collins, AlliedSignal).

"Air Navigation facilities and systems".

Specialists training of designing, production, certification and complex technical systems service specifically of air traffic organization and planning, elaboration, designing and exploitation Air Navigation systems and complexes.

"Safety of aviation".

Specialists training of aviation flight safety and safety of aviation specifically of control organization questions of aviation technique functional state and its certification, personnel qualification control, flight events analysis, unauthorized envansion in aviation activity prevention etc.
Qualification – engineer of Air Traffic Management. Qualification-engineer of traffic safety, engineer of management and systems service.

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